No Mail for Old Men – Or Why It’s Fun to Have Grandparents with Wifi

When men worked all their life, it's fair enough that they enjoy their late days on the terrace, in a sunny garden and with friends surrounding them. These days, it's important that these terraces got WiFi and that the friends are on Skype and equipped with an email account at least... "Did you know you … Continue reading No Mail for Old Men – Or Why It’s Fun to Have Grandparents with Wifi

Street Art in Thessaloniki

I visited Greece. We get to read a lot about Greece and the crisis these days. I've been there for a film festival. These were the souvenirs I brought home to you { Shoplifting and Oranges - Greece in the Rain }. Here's some street art I found in Thessaloniki: Oh and there was some … Continue reading Street Art in Thessaloniki

Tree Tall Teenagers, Easter Nests and Crochet Baby Shoes

A very good friend of mine will be father soon. He's excited. I'm excited. Despite the fact that my own kids are already hard approaching leaving-mama's-nest time I developed in the last years an "oh my god so cute" appreciation for small children I never had or knew before from myself. Perhaps it's not despite the … Continue reading Tree Tall Teenagers, Easter Nests and Crochet Baby Shoes

English-Book-Strawberry-Trifle and Irena&dots

You probably can only get this excited about trifle and trifle-making when you did not grow up with it. And when the picture in your English book looks so appalling, that you think of trifle as some food another person has eaten before. - Repelling and's the adventure setup challenging every 12-year-old. If you're than … Continue reading English-Book-Strawberry-Trifle and Irena&dots

Greece in the Rain

I love Couchsurfing. I host. I stay with others. I contribute. I take my family. Today, a fellow Couchsurfer checked up on me about his holiday plans. He saw on my Couchsurfing profile that I'm currently in Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece, attending the renown Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival.  He mailed me to find out about Greece: Like myself, … Continue reading Greece in the Rain

Shoplifting and Oranges

I'm still amazed and surprised to see oranges on trees in spring, rather than at Christmas in supermarket shelves. Despite being often in Israel and other places where this happens every year: this wonder, that the trees are hanging full of oranges. My mum is born in 1946. Pretty much exactly one year after the … Continue reading Shoplifting and Oranges

Harlem Shake, my Kids and the Army of Norway

The Internet was just about to start, when I entered filmschool. It was 1995, and it took my schools commercial department about ten years to discover the power of the Net and to start teaching viral marketing as well as shooting for viral campaigns. - And even though the industry discovered the power of cross-media, … Continue reading Harlem Shake, my Kids and the Army of Norway

Orange Wonder – Polenta Cupcakes

I'm not a food writer, not a cook and as a cinematographer not even vaguely able to tax-deduct cook books. So each time, I really urgently need a cook book, I creep around the shelf with the book for hours. Ah, what am I saying: I sneak around the shop with the book for weeks! … Continue reading Orange Wonder – Polenta Cupcakes

Bilingual Breakfasts on Snowy Sundays

Today I've been invited for breakfast by Components. It's an international project about creative minds and social media. On Sundays, Components are having a guest and I was flattered and proud when I've been asked to join! We had the best conversation: We talked in-depth about my very own museum as well as the best … Continue reading Bilingual Breakfasts on Snowy Sundays


It ties you to the bed with fever and self-pity at first, plenty of bedside-stuck chores in the middle and headaches and hope in the end. no, I'm not pregnant. I've just been sick, the common flu, nothing much. But being a sometimes impatient person, days and days of what feels like never-ending misery - … Continue reading Happy.